About Me

Hi, I'm Kat!

I am 30 something and have been an avid reader my whole life, as a kid I hated being called a book nerd or a book worm, but now I embrace it!  Hey, my love of reading got me through seven years of undergrad and grad school.  I typically enjoy contemporary lit, historical fiction, thrillers, chic lit and classics but enjoy branching out and trying to genres.

Besides reading, I am an equestrian, and spend many hours at the barn with my American Paint horse, Tate.  We are currently taking hunter under saddle lessons and I have been bit by the show bug, hopefully we can make our debut soon.  I have been riding my whole life and recently made the switch from barrel racer to English riding.   

I love to be outside doing anything, I love the heat and hate the cold. (Not sure why I live in the mid west!) I am terrified of birds, mostly pigeons, barn swallows and red wing black birds.  I love antiques and historic locations.  I hate warm lettuce and cooked green peppers and have a love affair with Coca-Cola.  I have a wonderful husband who embraces all my character quirks, however, that doesn't stop him from making fun of me as often as possible.  I adopted the worlds largest (that is an unofficial record) Chihuahua six years ago. Louis  is a great snuggle bug when I am reading and the best dog ever (that is also unofficial)! 

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