Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail Cheryl Strayed

22 year old Cheryl has lost everything, her mother, her husband and her family. Four years later after further mucking up her life with drug usage, careless sex, an abortion and more she sets off on a solo hike on the Pacific Coast Trail in an attempt to pull her life together.

This is no Eat, Love, Pray or Glass Castle. Cheryl Strayed has to be the most unlikable person who ever wrote a memoir! The book kept me reasonably entertained because I was horrified by one poor decision after another, and her careless attitude about such decisions. 
The book alternates between her time on the trail and her life before the hike and we get a better glimpse of what a mess her life had become. 
In writing this memoir the author seems rather detached and I never felt like she learned anything or had any great epiphany, she basically whined her whole way through the book, finished her hike and was all better.  Nothing believable or heart felt at all. 

Strayed has no expierience hiking, over loads her pack and gets godzilla skin on her hips, loses all her toenails, is to tired to masturbate, totes a fat roll of condoms over the whole trail, constantly thinks about who she will have sex with next, gets a tan, gets some muscle and loses weight.  I think that nails down exactly what happens on the trail.    

**Spoiler** **sort of** In a flash back to her life prior to the hiking the trail she explains why and how they killed her mothers horse - this part made me feel physically ill and to top it all off she eats her mothers ashes - proof that she is a seriously disturbed person.  

Ultimately, I gave this book two stars, it was entertaining - I plowed right through it always hoping she would have some great personal discovery, however, in the end I was disappointed and not to fond of the author.  

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