Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year's Book Resolutions

2014 - how did that happen so fast!  A new year and a new age, not only do I celebrate the start of 2014 but I also celebrate my birthday, 34 - how did that come so quickly!  I was looking at holiday cards at my moms house over the weekend and remarked how fast peoples kids were growing up, seemingly over night they went from 3 to 13, and I feel like I haven't aged.  And on a non-related book New Years resolution, I have declared this is the year I must start coloring my hair to cover my grays.  It's funny though, I only seem to notice them in the bathroom mirror at work!!  So tomorrow, new hair color!

And now on to my five New Year's Book Resolutions.....

1. I pledged to read 40 books on Good Reads, I read 34 in 2013, I think I can hit 40!

2. Read more history books.  Not historical fiction but actual history books, this may slow me down in my book challenge but I pledge to read 3 actual history books!

3.  Read Anna Karenina, it has been on my Kindle for a year plus I need to get this read!

4.  2014 is the year of the horse according to the Chinese calendar, so obviously I need to read some horsey books.  Maybe I should read a book while hanging out with my horse.....

"Hey, read me a bed time story!"

5.  Explore other genres, I read a lot of contemporary fiction and I need to branch out, excited to see what I come up with!!

Here is hoping for a productive happy 2014!  What are your New Year's Book resolutions?

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