Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cover of Snow Jenny Milchman

Cover of SnowCover of Snow by Jenny Milchman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from First Reads in exchange for a fair review

Nora Hamilton awakes one morning to discover that her husband, a respected police officer, has committed suicide. Brendan Hamilton left no note and gave no indication that any thing was wrong leading up to his death and shortly after his funeral Nora sets out to discover why her husband killed himself.

This story line has the potential to be a great thriller or mystery, but falls flat at every effort. Nothing about this story makes sense, I kept waiting to find out why people in this small town had their bizarre secrets, but we never find out why we just keep finding out that people are "hiding" the truth about some really trivial stuff, that ultimately leads to arson and murder.

Nora is an unsympathetic widow and her constant bumbling around becomes frustrating quickly, she never really makes any big discoveries instead runs into the right people to give her what she needs. Constantly reminding us of how hungry she is or what sort of renovations she would do to various houses makes her even more unlikable.

I was really bothered by the story line of Melanie Cooper and her husband, which had nothing to do with the mystery of Nora's husband, however, it did illustrate that the Wedeskyull police department was truly messed up. Dugger was also an odd character, and it was amazing that he was always around at the right time with his recorder recording just the right incriminating evidence and no one ever noticed him, completely unbelievable.

This book kept me reasonably entertained as I waited to see how everything would come together, but in the end nothing came together and the book was just ok.

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