Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January in Review and a Giveaway!

Did any one else feel like January was the longest month ever? I have been trying to be optimistic about winter, having several motto's to get me though the long sunless sub-zero days. "It can't get much worse", really it can't, once it is about 20 below it doesn't matter what the temperature is, so really can't get much worse! "It is bound to get better soon", this is really optimistic thinking unless you consider late March soon.

This is my first monthly recap, I have been intending to recap each month, however, just haven't got it done. I guess you could consider it a blogging New Years Resolution! My intention is to recap what I read and reviewed, keep you up to date on my New Years Book Resolutions and look back on any fun happenings that month. I also am working on some changes to update this blog, I do have a neat new signature! Don't be alarmed if you see big changes.

I kicked off the New Year with my birthday, woot woot! I always take a personal day on my birthday. as a little gift to myself, so I slept in, rode horse, went shopping, had drinks with friends and the finale was dinner and cake with my husband. It was the best day!
Other highlights include cheering on friends at the Winter Challenge horse shows, way less stressful that competing. Trying two new restaurants in town and learning that I definitely do not like lamb, on the upside I had room for creme brule!
We celebrated a belated Christmas with my in-laws, nieces and nephews, which was fun and chaos all rolled into one! And I got the most fabulous insulated winter riding boots, if any of you are riders and are tired of cold toes or bulky winter boots jammed into your stirrups try the Ariat Brossard winter tall boot. Seriously, the best piece of winter riding apparel I own. I got mine from Schneider's Tack cause they had the best price!

And now, the books I read this month, beginning with my favorite and ending with my least favorite

*After I Am Gone  Laura Lippman
*The Bear: A Novel   Claire Cameron
*Rome Sweet Home
*The Weight of Blood Laura McHugh
*Cover of Snow  Jenny Milchman 
*The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating   Carole Radziwell

New Years Book Resolutions
*6 out of 40 books read      34 to go! 
*Home Sweet Rome - book outside of my typical genre

And Now for a GIVEAWAY

Enter for a chance to win an ARC copy of Laura Lippman's  After I am Gone!

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  1. I haven't read anything by Laura Lippman but this looks good! (:

    1. This was a great book. Suspense, mystery and family drama!

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